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Think I timed this quite well today. Didn't fancy going out early, there's a storm a brewing though. So I should have gone early. Luckily though "Storm Jocelyn" hadn't really got going when I went out at lunch, so I ran to Hythe in peace. It was picking up a bit by the time I turned around, so I had a bit of wind at my back.

date 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
22/01 4'55 4'25 4'46 5'04 5'19
23/01 4'57 4'35 5'41 5'37 5'01

Just over a week of runuary to go. I am really only thinking of runuary here and not dryanuary at all. I could take it or leave it.

They have released new tickets for that work Welwyn Garden City thing so now I do have to go again! There is still one more chance to get out of it, Clare is working lates that day, if we can't get someone to look after the boys I just can't go.

Quarter past six and I just finished work. Now to make their tea, my tea, T1's lunch for school tomorrow. They're having chicken. This is not me living my best life. I think I have decided to take some back though, we have the opportunity to buy more holiday, though a maximum of one week. It basically means taking a week unpaid, you lose a week's salary but it's spread out over the year so you don't really notice it. So an extra week off for me next year.

dryanuary: Not drinking for all of January.

runuary: Running at least 5k every day for the month of January.


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