Blog2010 ≫ Back in London today

got me one of thsem Boris Bikes... And going to see MJ Hibbett tonight, it's been a while!

On the 9am high speed train into London again this morning, part of my now regular 2 days in London per week. My cow-orker and I got a Boris bike each for the short journey from St Pancras to the office in Exmouth Market. There were bikes at St Pancras this time, which was good, the racks were just being topped up with a fresh supply redistributed from other parts of town. Our keys did not work though, we could not release a bike. Seems to be an issue that had been happening to lots of people so one of the staff let us take bikes on their key. And we're off! An exhilarating race reminiscent of the tour de france I think. I wobbled a bit and had to stop to adjust the saddle, bit it all worked. The gear ratios must be very low, you're not going to go very fast, especially powered by weak legs like mine.

Had a minor issue when we got to the other end and realised we didn't know where to drop the bikes off, so all told the journey took us longer than if we had just walked.

Found out MJ Hibbett1 is doing a gig tonight at The Lamb (92 Lambs Conduit Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 3LZ, just looked it up) so I'm off there, rah!

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