Blog2018 ≫ Going out in the week!

As mentioned I had the afternoon off and we went to the Magic Numbers in Islington. Didn't really need the afternoon off and I didn't make the most of it. I did waste time investigating those wifi plus, still unclear where the issue is. I did do exciting things like ironing and hoovering though.

Fast train of course to St Pancras and then a magical mystery tour, we walked along the canal path and through a housing estate to Angel. Nice but would have been nicer in sunshine, rather than dark drizzle. Ate at Wagamama, I had the Yasai Samla Curry, there really is plenty there for the vegans1. Then a plum wine in a little christmas market in Angel, then a walk up Upper Street to the venue. Went in The Taproom before the gig on Upper Street, nice bar, with an interesting bottle shop at the front. Sort of for off-sales but with a £3 corkage to have any drink inside too. Even on cans??? This made it crazy expensive, I still think £3 is the price of a pint, let along paying £4 for one of these fancy cans (half a pint or so of course) and THEN paying another £3 on top just to sit down. I had draft beer and it was fine. There's also comedy in the basement of this place.

Gig was good, polite, mature, enthusiastic crowd. Clare particularly enjoyed it, this was her thing but I like it a lot too, they are great.

Worried a little about tubes messing up and us having problems getting home but it was all fine and we were on the 11:30 home.

Out again tonight, though should not be quite as late as it is only Canterbury. Then tomorrow to the Inn Doors, though a real flying visit what with being less flexible at work through having no car. I will ride my bike there, hope I can still get enough steps in. Will be coming home again at 7:30 and tagging Clare so she can go out. Then I can see the boys, just before bed! Next week should be a bit calmer.

💬 The Magic Numbers

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