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ROCK! It's free and it's going to text me a mini statement once a week, that's cool... Tried to change my address online for proper postal statements, but I have to fill out a form on screen, print it out and then post it, DUH! Now if only I can remember who my mortgage was with, maybe I can sort out some overpayement and then my banking responsibility for the month is SORTED! I want to quickly stash some money away as we're going wedding ring shopping this week and if I just don't have the money available, then I can't be spending it all on jewelery.

VERY NICE weekend, thanks for asking, sorry to lead with something so dull, it's just that I'm interested in the technology... had seen these Lloyds TSB ads on TV and assumed there would be some charging, but apparently not. AND they're going to give 30 days notice if they do start charging. Anyway, weekend, GREAT! Last minute decision not to go to Folkestone and decorate on my own (sorry the Folkestone massive, for not tipping you off I wouldn't be there). Decided to go to Fareham instead, see the family and meet up with friends in the pub to watch the football. GOOD game, and would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for that pesky kid Rooney scoring a goal at both ends of the match. Watched in the Brass Monkey, and then for some reason headed to Chicago Rock Cafe at something like closing time. Turns out it's not a real cafe at all, it's some sort of music dance club bar! I could really have done with a cup of tea and a sandwich by this point, but had more beer instead. Had to move from the IPA of the Brass Monkey to blee John Smiths smooth or something equally foul, and then on to cider when that ran out. And no dinner! Good job I had two lunches. Good work to the chums seeing me home in one piece in a taxi.

Hanging out with the family is a bit calmer, even the nephews weren't too hectic this weekend, maybe they sensed my hangover and sympathised. Excellent huge dinner, and no probs coming back to London despite there being a replacement bus service on the main Portsmouth to London line, changing at Eastleigh beat all that.

Was hoping to see our coffee table, that we ordered last year, and it's still not in... now I know the name of the range I can search online though and can show you what it looks like and the matching bookcase we might go for1.

Took some snaps at the weekend, and had an idea for how to show them on the site without needing to do a bundle of resizing and putting pages together by hand, so I will work on that later...

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