Blog2005 ≫ Action Plan + Razorlight

A chums band Action Plan1 are supporting Razorlight at their secret gig at Highbury Garage on (counts on fingers) SUNDAY, the 7th of June... it's super sold out, so it's off to ebay again if you want tickets2... There are so many there it seems they were all bought by touts.

Poor Clare is off sick today, so poor Paul had to commute in on his own. AND she got sent home from work early yesterday with this hacking spluttering sniffling lurgy. Get well soon my love! If I get this lurgy I hope it's not until after the weekend, we're off to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the weekend and treating ourselves to a hotel and everything.

Still having trouble with my google maps hacks making internet exploder crash, so I can't include them on any of my sites right now... it's a nightmare, I have big plans for these, but I can't include them on any sites right now until I get this fixed...

Oh yeah, my Ireland pictures, I will transfer them tonight and start posting them up.

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