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I think this is the fifth attempt to get some decent reception and extra channels at home, with a day spent out of work for someone each time. It's only the second attempt from the current aerial and satelleite services supplier, and I have every confidence in these guys. They're coming today to put a dish and a Freesat receiver in the flat, so I'm working from home so as to let them in.

Reading: Crazy life of the superwoman1, brand new bloggage today, a friend's blog. Also, The Picture of Dorian Gray2, for a bit of culture. Well, carrying it round more than actually reading it. Finally got a full complement of the Frasier episodes they've not released on DVD, so that will be taking up our train time for the next few weeks. I finished the spectacular Fags and Lager2, got to give that a go. I described it as "little and british" in an earlier post, didn't mean to imply any connection with Little Britain2, I was thinking of the frightening small town world of The League of Gentlemen2 when I wrote that, loose connections in the brain. Anyway, without spoiling anything it's the further adventures of doorman Royston Blake. The tale is told through his first person narrative, though he's got a few squirrels loose in the loft and his point of view is not entirely to be trusted.

Listening: to the hail and snow outside! The weather's been mad this morning, a fierce hail storm, and then snow. Went for the camera to get a snap of it, but it's full of pictures of the nephews at the park at the moment, so will put those online later. If you know where our webcam is you can have a look out the window yourself. UPDATE: It's now very bright and clear again, got a nice view of the cliffs and the Martello tower from where I'm sat, and when I stumble into the kitchen in a minute for cup of tea number five, I'm sure I'll be able to see the sea.

Watching: nothing, I'm not one of these "working from home" types who sits in front of Trisha. There is a TV in the room with me right now, it's the old one, stashed in the corner under the table, it's not plugged in, and that's the way it stays.

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