Blog2008 ≫ A week of technological disasters

My week of technological disasters goes from bad to worse. Lost the camera (it still has not turned up yet), and as previously mentioned the only hard drive on our PC is corrupted. I got the Windows XP disks and tried recovering it, but no joy, so ordered a new one and will have to reinstall everything. In the mean time I plugged my IPOD into Jim's laptop (that we have borrowed for the week) to charge it up, DEFINITELY clicked "no don't sync my IPOD with your so called music collection" but it erased everything anyway. I think it saw the amount of Sigur Ros that was on the laptop and committed suicide. The IPOD was one of my chances to salvage all my music if I can't recover this hard disk, but now that's gone... Got about 4000 tracks on my work computer, but I'll be annoyed if I can't get the lot back. I am dreading trying my external backup drive in case it doesn't work. Gah.

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