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Unexpectedly worked from home yesterday, it was odd (but nice) to be in the flat in the day and hear the neighbours going about their business. Had to go out to try and get some food, BUT, Safeway in Folkestone is closed for a few days, while it rebrands to Morrisons. The next nearest place, One Stop is closed also and reopening as a Tesco Metro. If it wasn't that there were a million billion other places to buy food, I could have been in TROUBLE!

Caught up with some missing episodes of LOST and thanks to a great friend, I have a NEW ARRANGEMENT for watching future episodes. So expect me to start spoiling things for you any day now! No, no spoilers please.

New tube fares are a bit arse aren't they? THREE QUID (up from two quid) for a cash fare single in zone one... It's to encourage people to get lobster cards so the man can track you at every turn I suppose. We're well out of this one, our regimes of walking to and from each station are working well. I'm going to have to walk from Holborn to Charing Cross for a few more days, though it looks like the trains do still meet up in the same way, and the timetable is lying...

Hmm, is this the video IPOD1? Guessing this hasty potatoshop job2 is not...

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