Blog2011 ≫ Lovely weekend

Saturday afternoon the boy and I got the bus in to Folkestone and I let him lead me around the town centre. We went on the Bob The Builder ride thing in the shopping centre, then the mini roundabout of cars, then the lift up to Asda and back. Lots of fun. Then we walked home again, part of the way with him in thebuggy but quite a lot of the way with him walking along the sea walls. I had my old trainers on and seem to have hurt one of my feet, bah.

Sunday was a bit wet in the morning, we only went as far as the tip, but in the afternoon it brightened up so we went in to Hythe. Had tea with Dom and Dean and Elliott in the Nutmeg Cafe and played for a bit in the park near the library.

I got some more apple juice to make more cider from but haven't kicked off batch 2 yet.

It's "wellbeing week" at work, we got free fruit and juice on the way in.

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