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I'm heading fast towards a milestone, or what I would have considered a milestone. My 150th Parkrun. Today was number 146, so in a month I'll be there... But to Parkrun it doesn't count as a milestone. There was a shout out for number 100 (probably, I did my 100th in Fareham and no-one there knew). There will be another shout out, and qualfication for a new shirt for 250. They might do shout outs inbetween I don't remember. Anyway, go me.

Folkestone parkrun results for event #423. Your time was 00:24:21.

Congratulations on completing your 146th parkrun and your 133rd at Folkestone parkrun today. You finished in 75th place out of a field of 416 parkrunners. You were the 64th male and came 12th in your age category VM50-54. Take a look at this week's full set of results on our website. Your PB at Folkestone parkrun remains 00:20:50. Your best time this year remains 00:23:32.

They're still breaking it down by males and females in the email of results then. There's a bit of a fuss about nothing that they're removing the best run times from the main parts of the website. Parkrun say this is because it is a run, not a race, and highlighting how fast some people complete it goes against their ethos of including everyone, the joggers and the walkers too. Some screaming lunatics say no, it's because someone who was born a man has got the top result somewhere in the womens category. I expect it is woke nonsense.

Weather is grim here today. It was not too bad for the run itself luckily, but it's raining again now. I have to go out when Clare goes to work, to collect the beetle. Then not really up to much after that. I might drag the boys out for a walk if the rain stops, maybe to a pub of some sort.

Gigs from today in history include The Mighty Boosh in 2006, Andrew WK in 2002, and The Lilys in 1998. Missed memories of a good Supergrass one yesterday in 1995.

Heavy rain and a gentle breeze, 7 - 10℃.

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