Blog2024 ≫ Runuary day 16

I did the hill route today, at lunch, but get this; I did it the other way round! I started by running up Hospital Hill, a minute of pain, and then everything gets easier from there. It was a good route and I might do it again tomorrow. Lovely and sunny out, but very cold again, below zero. This is about halfway through Runuary / Dryanuary then?

Apart from that, work, day of meetings.

School phoned for me to come and get T2 as they thought he was a bit off colour. He was absolutely fine when he got home though, hmm...

Also on school, there's a train strike on the day we're supposed to be going up to the O2 to see him in the Young Voices concert. We were going to get the train there and back as it should get us back in plenty of time to meet the coach. Then we heard we could get a lift back on the coach. Clare asked the school, and yes we can have a lift up on the school coach too, if we make a contribution. Coach trip!

Oh, just found the coach goes at 11am! I'm going to need the whole day off for this then. And we'll be hanging around in Greenwich for four hours.

Partly cloudy and a gentle breeze, 1 - 4℃.

dryanuary: Not drinking for all of January.

runuary: Running at least 5k every day for the month of January.

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