Blog2009 ≫ A night out in Chambers


Got a friend visiting from London this week, Clare went out last night and is doing so again tomorrow so it's my turn tonight. Luckily said friend wants to go to Chambers, result!

The boy still has his cold, he's been miserable with it all day, but he perked up a bit when I got in. He had a good bath and is now having his bed time feed. Just about to put my pre going out feed in the oven, and then I am OFF!

Have agreed to go to our work's christmas dinner at The Tiger Inn, Stowting. They say they can do a good vegan dinner for me, so fingers crossed. I wonder if they know they have to face the wrath of the Folkestone Gerald if they get it wrong.

Feels like it was a busy day at work today, that's just the hassle of moving desks twice though.

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