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Our trains have been delayed either coming in or going home, and yesterday's central line was too busy to get on, I missed three tubes in a row. So we're back to normal! It feels slightly more tense today, being just one week ago that it all kicked off, every phone going off or rucksack being put down or briefcase clicking open is reminding me of what happened, and I was nowhere near any of it. Two minutes silence today at midday, hopefully I'll remember this one... I tend to be heads down working and don't notice until they're all over - no, honest.

Enjoying To The Ends Of The Earth1 on TV, even though I've no idea what (if anything) is going on and there are no likeable main characters. Haven't watched another West Wing yet as Full On Food is back on, quite liking it, though I'm not sure the presenters are any great improvement on the first series - we have lost the slightly bumbling freshness of the other two, and kept the slight smugness of the critic. Heston Blumenthal (you know, of The Fat Duck2) demonstrated making his infamous Snail Porridge, and it didn't look any more appetising or less gratuitously weird for being seen as a full process like that. The trip to India seemed gratuitous too - what, really? People in India don't have chicken tikka massala for lunch every day? The trip to a lamb factory was equally uninformative. Apart from all that, it's not a bad show.

In other fun, we now have a recycling collection from home, a bit plastic box to put stuff in. Everyone else seems to have been told what day it was to go out (today), except us, so now our flat is going to be more full than usual of bottles and cans. And just clap your hands. Also we've been invited to TWO parties in our building! A birthday party on the ground floor, and a general residents barbecue in the garden, at a date to be specified. We've not really interacted much with the other people in the block, maybe it will be nice. Or maybe it's A PLOT!

Also Clare's just had a cash card retained, which is GOOD! Now she will come and meet me for lunch!

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