Blog2005 ≫ Sold out Barfly gigs

Cheeky, just been pointed at the fact there are tonnes of sold out Barfly tickets1 on ebay... looks like organised sellers too, not just punters who've ended up with spare tickets. It's not me though!

An evening of no Angel last night, we are out of sync with our episodes now so taking a short break... Got a few more games on the iPaq though, and played one all the way home while listening to my personal stereo, not realising the iPaq was tootling out it's own little tune to everyone on the bus.

Having a few troubles with this standards based dhtml menu2 that I'd adopted for our intranet... seems the version of IE that most people in the office are using causes it not to work at all. Not keen to put in any bodgy code, or even browser detection. Tried out this new code as it behaves better on the Mac browser, got to find something to please everyone.

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