Blog2006 ≫ Good weekend

Rain seemed to play quite a part... Friday, raced out of work not quite in time to go to the Andrew Davies talk, part of the literary festival, but in good time to get some chips, and eat them in the rain on my way to The Grand Hotel where the talk was. The wife and the father-in-law and bro-in-law were there and I met them in the bar after. Very busy for a change, mostly because of a monthly quiz going on (sounded a bit easy). It's quite a nice bar to hang out in anyway. Got talked into borrowing the car for my trip to Fareham the next day, which was very handy, the journey flies by listening to Jonathan Ross on Radio 2, even the really slow bits, like the single lane stuff through Hindhead... WEIRD, was just preparing a link to The Devil's Punchbowl1, the bit of the A3 where the road slows down and thought trick of the light looks a bit like a plane2, but zoom in, it is a plane3. Great to do a bit of family visiting while I was down that way, then off out for the night in Fareham, taking in The Vanguard, The Naz, and Lord Arthur Lee, and sensibly bailing out before getting talked into going to a nightclub.

Great lunch the next day, and then the rain started hoofing it down just as it was time for me to start the long drive back. Conditions were a little bit hairy going back up the A3, but no delays at least, and then the rain died off... until it was time for me to get out of the car again.

Watched some House and an episode of Asylum (I have all six at last, rah!) and ate chilli.

This morning, what a shocker of a day, the weather was dreadful down in Folkestone. Southeastern used the rain as an excuse for our trains being delayed, which is about as believable as Tom Cruise's wedding. Why should a bit of rain affect what time a train can leave? It's not like anyone had to wait for the water to be shovelled from the tracks. Most likely it's staff being a bit slower to get moving in the train, so why not tell the truth? Go on, just once.

Free lunch here was good, vege burger and potato wedges. Making good progress on the game I'm writing here, and enjoying playing with Drupal and Jquery.

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