Blog2005 ≫ Ghost town

Work is going to be DESERTED today, as everyone's off at Reading festival except me, so it's nice and peaceful. I'll be using the time to try and catch up on some CD's, I don't like to play stuff in the office usually, as I don't like it when other people play music, usually it's distracting. What a grump! Well today I didn't snooze much on the way in, everyone on the train was clearing their throat loudly. I have a bit of a tickle myself, I hope it's not bird flu.

No beer festival at Chambers this weekend, what are we going to do? A bit of shopping in Canterbury tomorrow, Wagamama's for lunch, then I fancy checking out the classic car show outside The Grand on Sunday and maybe some Open Air Gallery action too. That leaves BOOZING to be done. Mr Weston, are you reading this? Do you have any ideas?

Alongside boozing and shopping I'll be trying to geotag more of my pictures. Man, I want a camera with GPS built in so I don't have to do it by hand though, haven't spotted any about yet though, will search more... is "reporting" today on the Motorola A780 which has built in GPS / sat nav, maybe I can get upgraded to that...

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