Blog ≫ 2001 ≫ Kill for Clicks...

Just found this on, it's in their "random news" for Tuesday (Jan 2nd)...

While Dark1 was fooling around he came across PopEX which is online trading simulator.

It starts you off with 5000 pounds (English Currency) and let's put stock in a list of bands, he continued.

Of the bands included are Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, David Bowie, and A Perfect Circle.

You can buy, trade or sell depending on how well you are doing.

Well, bless them goths!

I don't know how popular that site is [very popular, says office ex-goth], but if you want to see how Dark's family tree is progressing, click here...

  1. a punter of theirs, I suppose
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Thu Jan 04 2001

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