Blog2018 ≫ Someone coming to collect the beetle

"When was it last serviced?" he asks, good point. I did ask for it to be serviced previously, but the people I took it to did not service it, said it was fine, hmm... Someone's coming with a tow truck today or tomorrow, then service it and give it a once over and it will be as good as new I'm sure. I'm positive there won't be a sharp intake of breath and a three grand estimate. At some point I will have to stop throwing good money after bad. But maybe next time.

WFH again today, because no transport. Our team have moved into the new building today at work "The Reef", however no-one from our team is there. There shouldn't be much land-grabbing or nesting going on as there are strict rules about tidy desks and every desk being a hot desk, so it should not cause a problem. I bet it does though. I won't see the office for two weeks I don't think.

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