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Last weekend, I made a nice sandwich, we called it a blubberdog. It was a french campagne loaf, with peanut butter, tofu pieces, chilli, and some salad, and I thought that was pretty big. Of course it's not the biggest sandwich in the world1 but at least it was a real sandwich, unlike this bad boy2. Wacky bastards.

No updates for a few days, any time I've been near the computer at home I've been ipodding things, and work's been busy... Added some new features to popex and I'm not building a new site for The Fly.

We did a quiz on Tuesday, at a social club in Dover with the in-laws. A terrible geography round (and a complete lack of a music round, or anything contemporary) let us down, and we came fourth. One of the teams that beat us was called "phone a friend", hmm. In my mind I've awarded us AT LEAST third place.

Yet another sort of school night night out tonight, off to the Princess Louise for someone's leaving do.

Hmm, Primal Scream coming to Folkestone?

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