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Been away a long time (apart from my little post this morning about wireless things and we fitted quite a lot in really, felt like a proper holiday since my complaints about QI.

Our afternoon out in Canterbury was good, though not absolutely everything we hoped for. Drinking was only alright in Simple Simon's, there was too much of a threat of rain in the air to sit outside, and no-one was quite ready for drinking yet, we mostly had shandies, very odd. the Hobgoblin was better, a couple of pints and about twenty quid down the jukebox, and we were starting to get warmed up. Cocktails in The Cuban were as good as last time; at least they were for me, I had the same as last time, but Clare wasn't quite so convinced by her chili number.

The much anticipated meal in The Abode was always going to struggle to match what we'd been building it up to be, but I thought it was very nice, if a bit dainty for my tastes. They managed with my special vegan needs, though everyone elses meals of exotic body parts were a bit too rich to be honest. The service was great, and all the little surrounding details like the inbetween courses were great. Portions weren't huge, but that's probably not how nice people judge a meal anyway. There was enough there to send everyone off to sleep, so we headed home earlier than expected. A good job we did call the cab company to rearrange the cab, as they had no record of our previously booked car, we might have been stuck if we'd really hung around until 1am.

Seeing as we'd had (at least part of) Friday off, Saturday felt like a Sunday so we mostly stayed in and watched TV. So that's the end of series three of Lost then! Annoyed by parts of it, like what Charlie did, but the twist at the end was great. I did guess it part of the way through, but am looking forward to the next series, shame to have to wait until February, (I want it all and ) I want it now!

Rest of the long weekend was also reasonably quiet, though we did go to Chambers on Sunday night, I wasn't really in the mood for as big a night as everyone else though. Yesterday, we shopped and cleaned and things, and I struggled with getting wifi + linux working on the old PC Clare's work threw out ages ago. Think I've got there now, so will be setting it up as some sort of server to do something or other with, not decided what yet.

Speaking of QI (as I was several paragraphs back, writing this a bit out of order), we do have replacement tickets for this Thursday, which clashes with something at work, so we're hoping to swap those for next week and give them another chance... If we do end up going again, we'll get there a bit earlier. Fingers crossed!

Got another slightly short week at work, as it already started late with a bank holiday, and I've got Friday afternoon off for Dad's big birthday (61 is it..?)

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