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Terrible day of trains yesteray, have been training it in most of the week as my friend and neighbour who gives me a lift in has been off. Yesterday, morning train in CANCELLED! Started walking to look for a bus with a fellow commuter, and luckily we bumped into another cow-orker who was on her way to get a lift with yet another, so could tag along and get in on time. If anything goes wrong normally with the train we get, the next one isn't for about an hour and a half, and as it turns out we'd just miss the only bus for an hour that goes the right way. Maybe it's time to get a car...

Held up in a meeting at the end of the day, so missed any chance of a lift and the regular train. It's pitch black on the way to the station at the best of times, so I'm carrying a hi-vis and a torch with me every day now. The following train was delayed, so for the second time in about a week I was the only person on Westenhanger platform, in the dark and the rain, not sure if a train was ever going to arrive... luckily it did, and I got away without a ticket too.

I've made three ticket sales so far, total commission 4.50. Not going to retire on it at this rate, I need an angle of some kind...

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Fri Nov 14 2008

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