Blog2012 ≫ Mad Dremel skills

Just got started on my big batch of home brew with the goodies I got for christmas. Needed to get a grommit and fit it to the big brewing bucket, done now with madd dremel skills, look:


Do you think I can refer to this as a hack, even though it's basically what you have to do in order to use this bucket for this purpose? [s]Not sure why it doesn't come with a predrilled hole. Ah, you can get different sized airlocks, and beer brewing doesn't even need an airlock I don't think.[/s] I just answered my own question.

There's a whole load of serious home brew equipment just come on sale locally including thie wort chiller2. Low starting prices, but attracting interest already.

On a dremel tip, anyone know if / how I can get my Dremel Versatip3 soldering iron working? It's never worked, but as it was a gift I never got round to trying to send it back. It's a gas powered soldering iron3 and it just won't ignite. I can light it with a match or lighter but it doesn't look right or get hot if I do. Is there a trick to it? I twittered Dremel at the time but I got no response. I would not recommend buying one of these, I went and got a cheap plug in soldering iron from Toolstation in the end.

Ooh, I just did some more perl to do a little hack on my website, so as to shorten all these links before sending them off to the google plus. Perl! Remember that? I'm like a proper multilingual programmer. It'll be java next!

The cider is on now, the first six litres anyway, will get another twenty cartons of apple juice this afternoon to top it up.

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