Blog2018 ≫ Oops woke Jim up a bit early today

Gah, only remembered this morning as we were getting up that we should have mentioned to Grandpa that I was WFH today. This means he doesn't need to be round here at the crack of dawn to collect the boys. He does like to get up crazy early when he is coming here for some reason, though he'd only normally have to collect them at 8.30. As it is I can leave them to it and work from home, and he can stroll in at 10.30 or so.

The boys are particularly happy, and the house is particularly peaceful, as I have set the Wii up in the play room downstairs. Normally they'd be fighting over something in the lounge, but right now I can't hear a thing.

Going to be WFH all week because I have no transport. It will be odd when I go back to the new office and everyone is settled in and I will feel like the new guy, like when I came back from my secondment.

This is news to me The Libertines are opening a hotel in Margate.

Also vegetable chilli for tea today, and it has been in the slow cooker for three days. I'm sure that's fine.

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