Blog2005 ≫ Doesn't that last post look a bit weak now?

We're allowed to leave work, but we're advised not to - our journey is two hours at the best of times, we're going to have to try and make a move soon. With Clare being on the other side of town to me, and no transport within zone one, we're going to be walking for a good long while and hoping to meet up. And we're going to be out of touch, not able to phone each other or anyone else, as all the mobile networks are down. Feels like going on some crazy expedition, it shouldn't be like this.

Seems someone's claimed responsibility for this. Odd thing to say but I hope it's a clear cut terrorist case, and not some crazy conspiracy... personally I'm ready to go to war right now, so I hope it's clear who the target is. Perhaps I should sleep on it before attempting to sign up.

Heading to Charing Cross now as we hear it's reopened, and if not we'll just wait there until it does.

💬 30 quid each, bargain!

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