Blog2006 ≫ All my pictures at once

See all my pictures at once on flickr leech, or all anyone's pictures - now can you tell me how to sort out all those pictures that I've clearly uploaded twice. Straight off I can see all the Andy and Hazel in the curry house is duplicated, but can I sort them by original filename or what? I'm not sure they're all tagged up properly (I did a lot of bulk uploading), so searching for fareham + curry might not work.

Good snooze on the train in today, also I think I slept the sleep of the just last night. Chose Dalziel and Pascoe instead of Rebus as our evening's viewing, which might have been a mistake. I enjoyed it, but I've half figured out how it was done already. Part two tonight.

UPDATE: Aha, the dates seem to be right on those pictures, so I can prune them there...


Well it's been less than 24 hours and this thing has taken off like wildfire! I guess that's a good thing and speaks greatly about the Flickr community. It does, however, mean different things to the Flickr servers and after receiving some feedback, I've had to put some limits on the results returned. Right now, you can still pull all the interestingness thumbnails, but all other queries are limited to the first 200 results. I'll be working on optimizing some code (for my own sake), adding some additional functionality, and adding paging on VLQs (that's Very Large Queries, to you and me) as a stop-gap method. Sorry for any inconveiniences.

So, flickr leech was created because "paging sucks", but as soon as a few people use it they realise that the results have to be paginated... bunch of arse!

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