Blog2018 ≫ School trip to Escondido

That's nice, thing one is going on a school trip to Escondido for lunch today. It's to try Mexican food as they are studying Mayan history, but I don't remember it being crazy authentic in there. Probably good for some of the kids to eat things like avocado and chilli anyway that might be horizon broadening enough.

At the PTA meeting this week the London theatre trip was mentioned, it will hopefully be reinstated this year. We missed the first one we were eligible for because of various terror related events that were not strictly related. I think the school decided to cancel it, but it might be they gave us the option to go or not go and then we worked out the date was not convenient. I think that's it anyway I hope we weren't just scared. Anwyay, should be back on again this year if it gets the governers' approval.

Working from home again today as Grandpa is in London so I have staggered school pickups following clubs.

Ran this morning, proper distance, good pace, so already done my 10k step count before starting work. Was very dark again, so went along Seabrook Road and then back along the seafront when it brightened up a bit.

10k: Ten km, about six miles to you. Sometimes talking about 10,000 steps though, an arbitrary daily step-count target.

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