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Hmm, I smell bullshit, there's a supposedly fake GAP voucher1 doing the rounds offering a 60% discount at GAP today, I heard about this on - don't worry though, GAP will still be offering a genuine 30% discount to anyone turning up with the fake 60% voucher. Nice PR work whoever started distributing that fake voucher, it got GAP on the news... if it can be traced back to anyone connected with the company, they really ought to be made to honour it.

This is completely different to my obviously fake Wagamama vouchers the other day, that was just a joke.

Think we're going into GAP today anyway, annoyingly we did some christmas shopping their last week and could have saved ourselves a bundle, but we're still after more baby clothes for Poppy today. I think it's safe to spoil that surprise here, she doesn't read the blog.

We did have long term plans to go to London again today, but no-one really felt like it when it came down to it so we're going to try and see the Terracotta Army2 in the new year instead. As there are no real vouchers on wagamama.com3 today we're going to try somewhere else for lunch, maybe Cafe Mauresque or an Italian...

Done more javascript; more classification of venues, see (for example) Cafes in Canterbury.

Time to run for the bus...

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