Blog2012 ≫ Bonus gardening day

Mum and Dad were in Boston yesterday, so they thought they'd pop in on their way home... Not that Boston, but Boston in Lincolnshire... hmm, still is not that local is it? Still very good to see them, a bonus visit for us and for the boy. So of course we put them to work! We were planning a trip to buy some plants anyway, so they helped choose and then did most of the planting when we got back. The garden is looking lovely:

Now I'm looking at micro+irrigation systems, maybe to control with an arduino... So I don't want the full kit that I know I can get from homebase etc, but thinking of buying the bits separately.

Bonus day off for me today too. No-one else to look after the boy so me and he are spending the day together.

arduino: Microcontroller, hardware prototyping platform, a tiny specialised computer.

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