Blog2009 ≫ No more snow here overnight

Looks like we can't say the same for the rest of the country! Clare got a lovely text saying "don't bother coming in today" as London was at a standstill, no tubes or trains or busses. It's fairly clear down here though, no more than we had yesterday. We are supposedly due more this afternoon though.

How is it down your way? Ooh, it's started again here, might be snowed in at work!

UPDATE: We did have more snow, it got quite deep during the day, but had turned to slush by the time we left work, and is all gone completely in Folkestone this morning (the next day). Here's a snowman someone built on the decking at work outside the canteen:


I like that snowman, people don't make enough use of twig arms, it looks like a Calvin and Hobbes1 snowman.


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