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Work's been a bit hectic, my IT colleague is out sick, so I'm fielding all enquiries (though generally just batting them back with "dunno, turn it off and on again"). Also Clare is working from home today, so I had to commute in on my own, I think this is what stopped me snoozing on the train.

Today, mostly looking forward a) to getting home, but also b) my trip to Street Station1 this Friday, and c) a weekend with the family.

The trip to Down Street (not to be confused with Downing Street, where I am also off soon, stay tuned) has led me down some conversational avenues, just what is underneath Oxford Street? There once was a river, so I assumed this just turned into sewers and things but a search turns up this:

was watching a program on C4 last night, the hundred greatest christmas moments or some such thing, and one of the entries was a film by Malcolm Mclaren called The Ghosts of Oxford Street2 which there doesn't seem to be much info about on the net. Anyway, John Altman who played Nick Cotton in Eastenders was in a bit of the film apparently actually under Oxford Street where there still exists part of this Victorian Street... He claimed Malcolm McLaren let him through a hole in the basement of Selfridges. If anyone can find some stills from the film, they will be able to see what supposedly is the old Victorian Street.

This was all quite possibly covered in [Underground London](, a book what I read, but am having trouble remembering... time for a revisit, or maybe a delve into [Beneath The Streets Of London](, or [Secret London]( OR, even better, I'll ask Inspector Sands4, he'll know.

Enjoyed Dalziel and Pascoe last night, we had snatches of what was going on but didn't quite figure out whodunnit... if that thread was truly in a loop, then why would they need to set light to it? Why not cut it and just it all through? Seemed a bit silly to me.

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