Blog2011 ≫ A full day of rails today

I'm not getting ill am I? Probably just new year detox...

Full apart from this aside into blogging, and ten minutes to eat my penne arrabiata and read a bit more of Wolf Hall.

Just the three of us shut in the board room today putting the final stages to our big ruby on rails project. We should be four, but one is out with flu, proper flu, not just man flu and probably not swine flu but real confirmed by the doctor flu. Since Marc (flu victim) I have been convincing myself I have the symptoms of the early stages, I am aching, bit sniffy, sore throat, headache... I think it is probably just detox though after the excesses of christmas. No booze this week, that is a whole two days. Might even go to three days or possibly four, but then Saturday we are off out to London and comedy, so will be back on the case then.

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