Blog2004 ≫ Chaos on the bus x od..ay and itx.s plsslng down.Mein a t shirt too...

Writing this using the "transcribe" feature of the new toy, as I can touch type, so I find the little keyboard slow... Not quite gor to grips with it yet as my writing is 5Ho(FIN9. That should say "shocking", no not snaking, I'm going to edit this I think.

Ten past ten and still on the tube, not good. Picked up the sonic mouse scarer on the way in, don't have too much faith in it though.

Kind of predictable report from popbitch below - Pete Doherty was meant to play Barfly last night. But no show. He is booked in for Friday too, but I wonder if the kids will have any patience left. Poor mugs who bought tout tickets on Ebay, no refund for them.

Babyshambles at Barfly tonight predictably ended up in a no-show from Pete. According to member of the roadcrew, he had done a secret gig earlier in the night, "got paid, got fucked and fucked off". Poor the hyper-dedicated indie kids. "Never trust a junkie" was their rallying cry as they filed out - I think this may be the tipping point in the fans' perception of him tbh. Ah well, fuck em, I've got fois gras on toast for a bedtime snack so what do I care? dr_deadmeat, 1:25 3/8, Reply

This idea of blogging from public transport will work better when I sync at work, as well as from home. And when I learn to write.

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