Running at work at lunch today for the first time

Running at work at lunch today for the first time

Going out running at lunch today, should be just a gentle 5k though. Haven't done this before, it's a bit of a faff bringing extra stuff and towel and thing into work. If I go running at lunch when I'm working at home I can just sit and cool down without a shower, but we have showers at work so best for everyone if I use it.

Sustainability week continues at work, after the farmers' market yesterday. Today we have a VW dealership in with an electric Golf, I did not book a test drive though.

Clare and thing two went to checkout Brockhill school yesterday. He was impressed with a fun science demonstration they did, setting fire to some gas filled bubbles in his hands.

I dragged thing one out to a Chinese takeaway, I had a yearning for that for my tea. We went to Wok Express and I know it is not good and I should not have done it. It was a toss up between running on the treadmill or getting a takeaway, why did I choose that? And I have some left that I have to eat for my lunch today. At least we're doing the run first.

Enjoying this I hope parliament does get recalled, and they rub Boris Johnson's nose in the mess he has made.

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Wed Sep 11 2019

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