Blog2006 ≫ Aye

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Thank you for Popex Pauly. The game wouldn't have been the same without your steadfastly balanced moderation, and steadfastly undemocratic approach.. You managed to entertain an awful lot of people for a very long time. There are a good few slightly bewildered souls on the internets due to its sudden demise.. and I'm not discounting myself here! You can say it's only a game, but of course regular popexers know different.

Shame I didn't get a proper last post on the board, I was flat out at work on Monday all day & didn't get to check the board till 8.. by which time you'd already cut the cord. I thought we'd got till midnight. ah well, Rich List #17 aint bad :)

So, my last post was YDTIUTATDY?

How popex was that ?

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