Blog2010 ≫ Very strange and sad TV experience last night


Watching Grand Designs (I am allowed now that we have a nice house ourselves) and in a blink I went from "I know him! I know someone on Grand Designs!" to "Sadly he died of stomach cancer during the project". Without being too much of a grief tourist, it was last night's episode from Woodbridge1, Nat was a friend from Fortune City. He was also working at the BBC when someone there "came up with the idea for a share trading game" and said to them "I know Paul, he made popex and it's exactly like this already", which resulted in them getting me in, keeping popex afloat for another couple of years and delaying me getting a real job for as long as I did.

He was a good chap, an idealist and a bit of an eco warrior, he left behind Lucie and two children.

Speaking to some other chums from the Fortune City days, who did not know either.

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