Blog ≫ 2006 ≫ Done my Javascript referer thing

See my landing page1 thing in action2 like so:

Google for Paul Clarke CV3

Click on the Paul Clarke CV4 link in the google results

Wait for the very exciting floating window to appear on the results saying "I see you came here from a search result (for Paul Clarke5)" etc, it should have links to more relevant things.

Only tested it in Firefox and MSIE so far as that's all I have here. Also had to cripple it if the resulting page is already a search result as it was hammering the server too hard. Source code is here6 in case you're interested, should work as is, might need a bit of tidying up...

UPDATE: [s]Test this in one click here, and rewritten it in PHP so it shouldn't put too much load on the server...[/s]

UPDATE UPDATE: probably broken it again :-(

💬 Ajax landing page

💬 Ajax landing page

💬 Ajax landing page

💬 Ajax landing page

💬 Open Source Technology

💬 Ajax landing page

💬 protect creative rights! and some!

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