Blog2008 ≫ Too boring

Less posts about PHP, javascript and KML to come, as my friend - let's call him the cowardly civil servant to offer him some anonymity - found it boring. While he was reading at work. How do you find the time mate? I'll tell you what's boring, it's me staying in tonight because you are too tired to come out on the razzle dazzle!

We do have quite a bit lined up for tomorrow as it turns out. The Triennial will involve some actual things by all accounts, there are PIRATES in the town for one thing, how can that fail to be brilliant? Also there are bands and things down around the harbour in the afternoon, so quite looking forward to that. Plus, there are all the new public art works to check out.

Tonight I'll be staying in and working on things that I find quite interesting, but will try not to talk about here.

javascript: Programming language of the web, mostly how I make my living.

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