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Who'd have thought Metro would do something that I approve of, what's happening to the world? They've signed up Judge Dredd as a new comic strip, unfortunately not dropped either of the other two yet though. I read 2000AD every week when I was younger, I have hundreds of copies stashed away somewhere, including issue one. And now my favourite band are Goldie Lookin' Chain, and one of them's called 2000AD, it all comes around, like a wheel within a wheel.

Congratulations to Ricky Gervais, I'm not one for award ceremonies, but we watched the Golden Globes last night, as we'd heard Ricky had amazingly won two. It's time to dust off a story, an oldie, but I like it. Back in the day, when XFM first started Ricky had a job as "head of speech", which mostly meant he interrupted Claire Sturgis' shows with his developing brand of freeform comedy. This is all well documented, and it's worth having a search for old radio shows. Once a month (for about two months) XFM put on a night at ULU, with their DJs DJing and so on, and I met Ricky in the bar there. He wasn't famous, but I thought I recognised the voice, so said hello, and he said I was the first person to recognise him. It makes me well up inside to think that if it wasn't for me being giving him his first moment of fan boy recognition, he probably would have packed it all in, and the world would be without The Office. has more Ricky reminiscences. We were into him before you were.

It's well documented too that he worked at ULU before the XFM job, as ents manager, and it's rumoured that he was Suede's manager, though I understand he was some sort of co-under-manager (possibly he just sold t-shirts) with two other people. And I love Suede too, see, wheels within wheels again. And I hear they're coming BACK, stay tuned...

Music Passport launch seems to have gone well last night, with Sugababes and Ash and David Gray and Elbow and more in attendance.

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