Blog2007 ≫ The sister-in-law's waters have just broken

This is a medical term that is related in some way to having a baby apparently. This means we're likely to have a new niece this afternoon, we'll call in to see her on our way to Canterbury for lunch tomorrow, I think she's in Ashford. This new niece is on Clare's side, but also today, it's my nephew Jack's birthday, happy birthday mate.

Speaking of place name links like Canterbury, Folkestone, Ashford, etc, I just added a tonne more pubs and things for London and for Fareham, and for Portsmouth. If you've been to any of those places and fancy clicking on the stars to rate them, please feel free, help me build the site up a bit...

Today we're having a Life On Mars / 1970s themed day at work, fancy dress and stuff, and there's a '70s quiz where I could win a telly. Here are the questions:

1: What were Starsky and Hutch's First Names? 2: What issue forced President Nixon to resign? 3: Which video/arcade game became a hit in 1973? 4: Actor Roy Scheider appeared in the 1975 blockbuster "Jaws". What hit 1970's cop film did he also star in with Gene Hackman? 5: Which of the following characters was NOT in the Village People? Construction Worker; Biker/Leatherman; Policeman; Fireman 6: Eleven members of the Israeli Olympic team were murdered by terrorists in which city? 7: Which colour does NOT appear on a standard Rubik's Cube? Orange; White; Purple; Green 8: What was the top selling single in Britain in 1975? 9: Which year did Margaret Thatcher become Prime Minister? 10: Name 2 IHG hotels at Heathrow which can take Park & Fly and Legoland bookings. 11: Name 3 hotels who are featured in the Show & Stay programme who are attending today. 12: When was the break-up of The Beatles officially announced? (Date & Year) 13: Who won the English Cup League at Wembley in 1973? 14: Which actor played Dr Who in the late 1970's? 15: What year did Disney World open in Buena Park, Florida? 16: What is the car registration of the car featured in Life On Mars 17: Which significant celebrity died on August 16th 1977? 18: What year was the first supercomputer produced and by whom? 19: Name 2 airport hotels (APART from Heathrow) attending today. 20: Name any other IHG hotel in London featured in the Holiday Extras programme. (Be as accurate as possible!) 21: Brian Blessed appeared as Frank Kemble in the first ever episode of which 1970's TV cop show? 22: What were the initials of the crime fighting organisation The Professionals were members of and what do they stand for? 23: What is always appearing on Sam Tyler's TV screen in the BBC's Life on Mars? 24: What is DCI Gene Hunt looking forward to for dinner when he first meets Sam Tyler in Life on Mars? 25: What year did the final episode of Dixon of Dock green air?

I need 100% to go into the draw apparently, and I've just spotted those questions from the quiz sponsor, IHG1, and I need to get my answers in right now, not sure I will bother with this then...

UPDATE: Baby has been born already, and should be home tomorrow, so we're off to see them all then. Also, I did not win anything in the quiz, not even joint third place half bottle of wine. Being able to answer the sponsored questions was quite important in the end.

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