Two Dine for 10 (two courses plus glass of wine).

FG ≫ 2009 ≫ Two Dine for 10 (two courses plus glass of wine).

Just got this at work, is this ten pounds for the two of you? Really?

Two Dine for 10 (two courses plus glass of wine).

The Sandgate Hotel are offering:-

Special Offer, two dine for 10

Menus from 26 January -31 March 2009

Dinner Menu

Monday to Saturday, 5-9pm


Soup of the day

Char grilled black pudding, honey and apple salad


48 hour braised lamb with root vegetables and dumplings

Chicken and chorizo mediterranean cassualet

Classic fisherman's pie

Seasonal vegetable pasta, roasted tomato sauce


Golden syrup sponge with custard

Warm chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream

Two courses for two people including a glass of house wine 10 Add an extra course for 4.00 per person Add seasonal vegetables or chips for 2.50

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