Blog2006 ≫ They are drunk, abusive, underage and wreaking havoc in a Hampshire town

No, not my friends...

Hooray, Southampton or Winchester I think...

Folkestone property update, there's a two bed flat next door to us in Tudor Court up for 172,000, that's good to know! There's been a flat next door for sale for a few weeks at 150,000 that needs work, don't think this is that one tarted up. So, prices are booting it up in our area, this is good! Got an end of year mortgage statement yesterday, they're depressing reading... huge payment in, huge interest payment out each month. We've paid off about five grand already, but that is peanuts really, time to step up the payments again!

Loads more Morrissey tickets went on sale today, I knew it was rubbish about them selling out in ten minutes... Ooh crikey, in the time I've taken to post this, they've sold out again, at least in London. You want to try ebay.

💬 I got my tickets!

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