Blog2008 ≫ Own Gig - want to book your favourite band to do a private gig?

Hmm just seen on popbitch1, it's a site where you can get together with likeminded fans and pay your favourite band to do a gig. And it really can work, see this news piece from them:

We are a matter of days away now from making an announcement on our first gig. I cant reveal who the artist is just yet but theyre in our chart.

So who's in their top ten of "most requested" bands? David Bowie! Prince! Led Zeppelin! The Blow Monkeys! Hmm, one of those artists kind of stands apart from the others... I strongly suspect this site was put together by the Blow Monkeys themselves...

I think the Blow Monkeys might also be playing at the popbitch party next Thursday:

I Thought You Were Dead! Want to come party with Popbitch? We're celebrating Halloween a day early (30th) with copious 42 Below vodka cocktails. And coming back from beyond the grave - pop stars of the 80s, 90s and noughties. We have 25 pairs of tickets to give to readers. Who would you dress up as if you were dead? email

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