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GLC Pictures inside!

I muchly enjoyed Goldie Lookin' Chain1 at Metro last night, here is a picture:

The band righteously rocked the Metro, a crowd quite evenly split between fans, industry and friends. Highlight for me was "Metal", a rock pastiche laid over a mighty looping AC/DC riff, but it was great to hear all the favourites from "The Manifesto" and other albums, in the live arena as it were.

Good also to put faces to some of the voices. I thought Adam Hussain would be taller.

If you're lucky enough to have tickets to one of The Darkness' rescheduled shows, get their early, don't miss this phenomenon. They've even been playlisted by sbn.co.uk2 and rumour has it there's a BBC documentary in the offing. Catch them quick before it stops being funny, there are possibly tickets available for these forthcoming shows:

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