Blog2012 ≫ The nice thing about Arduino being open source

Competition speeds up progress1! This board1 solves some issues, it's a 3rd party improvement on the Arduino board.

If you've used the Arduino enough to understand its shortcomings, the geek gods have heard your prayers. Omilexino-328 addresses (almost) all of the complaints :-

Accidental resets - Re-introduce the Atmel recommended noise suppression - check. Analog sucks - Separate regulator for Analog, optional Vref for even more precision - check. Shields cover reset switch - move switch - check. Shields short out on USB connector - use mini usb check. Pin layout is Random - new set of .1 centered pins - check. Frequency dependencies provide replaceable crystal - check Pin assignment is Random - group power and signal together in Uext connector for GPS, ZIGBEE, I2C, etc... Power it in a portable world - add lithium charger and auto switching - check. 2. 5v in a 3v volt world - provide 5v/3.3v switch. Battery life sucks - lose the firestarter and add ULP Voltage regulators - check.

Rechargability is a big plus (if I understood it right)... What is coming next then? I see they've also made a board with on board ethernet, though that's still a little expensive...

Are these links working on the google plus yet?

I'm using the google plus for what it was intended at last, I'm following a load of related Arduino sources and getting some good info. Smart!

arduino: Microcontroller, hardware prototyping platform, a tiny specialised computer.

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