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Monster email problems today, seemingly nothing can cope with the amount of spam I'm getting. I'm possibly going to get my own mail server soon, as I attract and generate so much. I've moved temporarily from my Linux machine to a windows PC so I can run a microsoft mail client to talk to the microsoft mail server, but even that's hanging while trying to process rules and things. Deep breaths, do not get cross at the spammers, there is no use... Redirecting everything through my Gmail account worked for a while, the spam filtering is fine, but I soon filled up my gigabyte of space, and it's a very slow process deleting a lot of mail there...

Found out yesterday I'm getting an iMac from work, my first Mac, will it convert me? It's an old monitor-style one, not the Johnny 5 style thing in the picture there. I've been quite keen to get one to play around on, join it up to the new wireless network and that. I could give iTunes a go then (can't get it working on the PC, some issue with Quicktime), but that would mean reformatting the IPOD.

My dullest post for ages! Enough techie stuff. I bought some magic sand for one of my nephews' birthdays, it's today, it's very disappointing stuff though, not magic at all, I would not recommend it.

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