PopEx ≫ 2003 ≫ Ricky Gervais

Sutton Row W1, Next to the Astoria

Just saw him a minute ago; at about 4.15 on Wed 16 April. He was walking along in the sunshine looking quite pleased with his lot. I would be if I was him; he looked like he was going to have a nice sit down in Soho Sq, while I've had to go back to my gloomy office and carry on working :( Maybe I should write an award winning sitcom so I can sit in the park when it's sunny instead of sweltering indoors shuffling paperwork and worrying about being caught looking at the internet.....


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Celebrity spotting, not actual stalking. Got to catch them all! Originally a popular feature of my site popex.com, so mostly from the early noughties. 99% written by valued punters. Hopefully now with some bonus location content that was lost for a while.