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Travel update: twenty minutes late today, eitehr track circuit failure, or track surface failure, I was a bit too asleep to hear it. How can the surface fail? Must have been circuit. Why couldn't it have been another ten mins delay, taking us into refund territory? No word on our existing refund applications yet...

Folkestone update: the warring factions for the control of the seafront have come to a deal, this is a very good thing, the guy who wanted to build tower blocks on the beach has sold the land to the guy who's after developing the whole area into an artistic nirvana. I am sure this was the last stumbling block for the regeneration of the town, I really hope I don't have cause to rue this day in years to come. Why would I, what's the worst that can happen? I'm sure lots of people were looking forward to the tacky pleasures of the Godden development, it would have been more of your bowling alleys and megaplexes, those people can carry on heading into Trashford, we want Folkestone to become proper poncey, like Padstow or other nice sounding places that I'm not sure I've ever been.

Genealogy update: I've had emails from my mum's third cousin, and she has shedloads of family tree info for me. I've already got relatives I know of born in the 1600s, and hope to find a lot more now, KEWL.

Work update: this place I'm working is moving office today, so from 3pm they're all shutting down, hopefully I can just go then.

Technology update: where should I buy a new SD card from? [froogle=2gb sd card]Prices really do vary[/froogle]...

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