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US troops ordered to avoid London, thanks for that chaps! None are being ordered to avoid Iraq though I don't think. Personally I've been advised to pull my socks up and get right back on the tube, ah well. Travelling is rubbish at the moment, even not including the extraordinary circumstances on thursday, our trains have been badly delayed four times. So combine that with the nervous apprehension when we're actually in London, eyeing up everyone in case they do anything even vaguely suspicious, and the working week's not that hilarious right now. I've changed my route into work to try and speed things up a little, seems to have worked on the way in today, but I'm still at the mercy of southeast trains for the major part of my journey, and it's the homeward bound part that's messed up most days.

We've just started series three of The West Wing1 which coincidentally opens up with a one of special story dedicated to the heroes and victims of 9/11. It was a bit mushy and preachy, but it does point out that while the attackers there (and quite possibly here) where Muslims, they were extremists, not the regular chaps and chapesses going about their business. Hmm, I'm not very good at this politics and morality lark, tonight I will watch something like Property Ladder and give you advice on decorating instead. "Streets Ahead" is on tonight, that'll do, it's got Sarah Beeny in it.

Ooh did you see Justin Hawkins on Top Gear this week? What's that all about? His new solo project British Whale2 will be spewing forth a single (a cover of Sparks' "This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us") any day now.

Did a little more data entry on my gigoraphy last night, now I have more of my old tickets and things. I knew I'd put them into photo albums, but I seem to have stopped in 1994, so I think there must be another bag to go through too... How could I have forgotten that I went to see David Lee Roth?

It's still pretty quiet around Farringdon, looking on the bright side I have been getting a seat on the tube.

One more thing that I'm not mentioning enough on here; WEDDING! One month today!

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