Blog2003 ≫ Blogging about Blogging about Blogging got a mention on zeldman.com1 for pointing out something wonky in a favelet he'd written, nice. Now after a bit of log checking etc, someone who's beeen driven to pidster by the link on zeldman has checked out his redesign of, and blogged about that... I predict that someone at BBC will implement pid's work, without contacting or crediting him and try and claim it as their own. But as my probably-soon-to-be pirated cow-orker points out, now it's been "blogged about", that's the best way of proving you did something first. (well, the paper version) gives Folkestone a little mention in this issue, Dr B Ching gives the Channel Tunnel Rail Link a slagging, because it's not joining up our main cities, and it probably won't be ready on time, and when it is completed, the tube network it connects people to won't be able to cope. Just so long as I can buy someone down there before prices treble, that's all I'm worried about.

Maybe there's more to this londonbloggers furore than meets the eye, looks like was registered a week before so they were probably both inspired at the same time by reckon I will stick with Not for any ethical reasons, just that .com doesn't work here.

Had a panic this morning that a mailout I did for Probe media didn't work, but it did, just some wonky ^M^M^M's in the output file...

Finished Carter beats the Devil3 at last, that's a good book... I read it over too long a period though (fitting Order of the Phoenix3 in there too, which wasn't worth 600 pages) so got a bit confused by the end and had to refer back.

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