Blog2010 ≫ Instant Karma's gonna get you

It feels like only yesterday I was bragging about how good the trains were!

It feels like only yesterday that I appeared to be bragging on Twitter about how quickly I could get home from work on the train, under half hour door to door, about as quick as I can do it in the car. "Get off the raods" was my advice to cow-orkers who took nearly two hours to do a similar journey in last night's snow. Ha!


I thought I could hear rain in the night on the window, so assumed that would clear the snow, but it must have been more snow, and heavy. This is much heavier snow than when the whole country had it recently, all the trains are off and snow is halfway up the cars around here. People are having to walk down the middle of the road to be mobile at all. Ten to fifteen centimetres I would say (four to six inches).

To top it all Clare was sick in the night (good girl did not wake me up) and while I was snapping pictures like the one above and posting my uksnow ratings for Folkestone on Twitter again, the boy was vomiting copiously too :-( Did not seem to really upset him, but having a bath out of schedule did. Assume I'm going to get this same bug sometime soon as it's not food related.

Trying to work from home today.

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